Giant Alex is a creature with a height of 12 blocks , which has the appearance of the default skin of Alex; however, The facial expression does not look like a typical Alex, instead of having regular eyes, its eyes are eerie black hollow voids with a gaping mouth, and dried and fresh blood covering the body. It appears when the render distance is foggy, which can not be higher than 0.2 chunks. Giant Alex is known to stalk and watch the player but does not seem to harm the player despite the blood around the body and how it looks. However, because of Giant Alex’s appearance and size, most people experience fear when it appears from the fog; thus, the player tends to run away from her. It is unknown why giant Alex stalks and watches the player or what happened to Alex in that seed. In recent cases, some players, when approaching Giant Alex, the game will crash. The cause of the crash is unknown, but no particular effects or changes have happened after the crashing has occurred. In recent cases, Giant Alex has been known to leave large footprints with a hole of a 3x2x2 pit with a depth of 2 blocks, indicating that it is wandering around the mainland somewhere. An anonymous player stated a mystical seed in version 1.12.2 in Minecraft is where Giant Alex has been known to wander about. It’s still unknown what happened to Alex in that seed.

How do you find Giant Alex?

Seed: 7778749381209293789578

The Giant Alex can be seen through a certain seed. You need Optifine version 1.12.2, and put the difficulty to Peaceful.

you need to set the distance fog to 0.2, and head towards the mainland in which the creature is known to wander there.

Sometimes you will find a forest fire even though there are not any lava sources.

You can find Giant Alex in any biome

3 by 2 pits with a depth of 2 blocks.

Giant Alex stalking in the distance

A screenshot of the frame Tolanic.

Giant Alex in the fog.

Actual Giant Alex skin

Giant Alex


Sightings: Swamp Biomes
First Sighting: Swamp Biome and Oak biome
Signs: 3 by 2 pits with a depth of 2 blocks
Versions: OptiFine 1.12.2
Worst sighting: Taiga Mountains, Flower field and Oak Biome
Powers: Stalking the player

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